Tim Ridley - Volt

In 'Volt' Tim Ridley's latest show at Daisy Laing, he has produced a series of paintings and assemblage, all of which are directly or indirectly influenced by one reference image. Found in an 'animal annual', sourced from a charity shop, this page shows a group of vultures and a pariah dog feeding on a kill. The annual is typical of those produced in the 60s and 70s, primarily aimed at children, with a strong educational bias. They portray an often scary world of wild animals in 'exotic' settings. In this case, the vultures and jackals are in India... Tim says, "Early on in the decision making for the show, I decided that to show the reference image would be important, partly out of curiosity as to how a viewer might react and partly to see if it caused a demystification of the process of painting and making."
VOLT Dec 2020 cropped.JPG
VOLT Dec 2020 window.JPG
VOLT Dec 2020 reference page.JPG
A lot of fuss about an O thing.jpg
A lot of fuss about an O thing close up.jpg
Black horse.jpg
eastern vulture.jpg
Eastern vulture 2.jpg
Look out.jpg
Indian Jackal.jpg
3 vultures cropped.JPG
Vultures and Pariah dog in gold frame.JPG
VOLT Dec 2020 Husbandry.JPG
VOLT Dec 2020 white horse.JPG
VOLT Dec 2020 black cat.JPG
VOLT Dec 2020 from spoon to mouth.JPG
VOLT Dec 2020 Reliance.JPG
Vulture on found sea plastic on floorboard.JPG