Meta Morph Asus

Jimmy Lariggan

'Meta Morph Asus' is a series of studies and collages that will form the foundations for a show of larger paintings and other completed works at a location to be disclosed later in the year and the title itself speaks volumes, with the artist formerly known as Mark J Nicholls reassessing his creative persona and identity, and alongside this evolution comes the opportunity for a name change. Famously reticent to talk about his work, Nicholls’ has a pedigree that speaks volumes. He not only lives and works in Newlyn, he was born and bred there. However, he is an artist of broader horizons. He studied at the University of Brighton and then the Royal college of Art where he became a Master of Art. An awarding winning artist, he has worked in France and the USA. He’s exhibited extensively in his native Cornwall and throughout the rest of the UK. However, lockdown has provided an unforeseen chance to take stock of his career and move forward with a new artistic identity. This pseudonym, “Jimmy Lariggan”, echoes the renaissance masters named after their place of birth or work. Amongst the most interesting of the pieces in this current online exhibition are his cut-up and collaged self-portraits. It is as though he is attempting to tear-up his own image and remake it a new. The two studies entitled “Self-portrait as furloughed ice cream maker,” are also interesting. Lockdown and furlough has many of us asking who we are, where do we draw our identities from, when our normal work and social existence has been interrupted and the artist is not alone in this self-doubt. But at the same time Nicholls is using this pause or hiatus as an opportunity to create a new identity and creative pseudonym. The work will be familiar to anyone who knows the artist’s work, but there is a freshness of approach and technique. Some of his familiar motifs and themes are still there but reframed and redrawn. In particular his Popes make a reappearance, but ‘Study – American Pope’s skyscraper rooftop cantilevered pool’, features a Hockney-esque swimming pool, but with the stricken grotesquely comic pope placed under an umbrella, up to his waist in the pool perhaps calling for help on a mobile phone. There is also a painterliness that is perhaps more evident than in some of the artist’s more recent work.

I’ll be back / collage / 53.7cm x 40.8cm / 2020 / £220


Study: All grown up and virtually making a living’ / collage on card / size / 2021 / £200


Cornish Superhero /collage / 36cm x 36cm/ 2020/SOLD


Study Fountain/ collage /48cm x 38cm/2021/ £200


Study for self-portrait after VG (with black spots,light trails, scarf andTal R hoody) / collage on card/ 28.5cm x 23.5cm / 2021 / £180


Study: self-portrait with black dots and light streaks/ collage on card/ 30cm x 21cm / 2021 / £180


Self portrait – after Vinnie (with Aligator tee shirt) / collage/ 10cm x 6cm / 2021/ £180


‘Study – American Pope’s skyscraper rooftop cantilevered pool’ / gouache on paper / 67cm x 81cm / 2020 / £350


Study: I can’t find the one god, but I think I’ve found the rest of them’ / collage on board / 32cm x 26.5cm / 2021/ £180
















Study for the fourth plinth: A pile of bollacks /gouache on paper / 29cm x 43cm / 2020 / £220


red carpet / collage on plaster board / 17.5cm x 12cm / 2020 / £180